Flight Over The Nazca and Palpa Lines

Price per night: 200,00 $

The Nazca and Palpa Lines Flight is an awesome experience for those who want to unveil the mistery behind these famous Lines. In this exclusive flight over the Nazca and Palpa Lines you will be airborne 1 hour, in that time you will see figures like the Hummingbird, the Monkey, the Tree and the Hands, etc; then we will set course to Palpa to fly over the Hummingbird of Palpa, the Stars, the Voyager, the Kosok bird, the Fertility Temple, the Solar Clock and the Tumi.

We fly with a pilot and a copilot/guide, our fleet consists of Cessna aircraft models 172 and 206, flying each figure twice, to the right and left side to make sure that everyone sees everything.

The author Erich von Danniken believed that these Lines were ancient airports used by aliens to navigate around the world, in his book "Chariots of the Gods" he explains this theory.

We invite you to take part of this wonderful flight over the Nazca and Palpa Lines.

Duration: This tour takes 60 minutes


  • Entrance fees
  • Transport from and to your hotel.


  • The flight over the Nasca Lines always depends on the weather condition; it is for security of the passengers.
  • To fly The Nasca Lines each passenger must carry the original passport.
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