The Chauchilla Cementery

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The Chauchilla Cementery is located 30 kilometers from Nazca city; here you can find perfectly preserved mummies, some of them even with hair remains and skin. The dry and warm weather helped them to become perfectly preserved. The ancient inhabitants of Nazca believed in life after death, therefore when one of them died, they passed through a mummification process, the dead were dehydrated and their internal organs removed.

In this tour we include the visit to the ceramics workshop, where you will know the process that ancient nazcans used to elaborate their fine ceramics, and how they extracted this precious mineral. You will also know how peculiar is the Nazca ceramics, its type of ceramics and the use of handles in it. You can also buy ceramics made with ancient techniques.

In the gold extraction process you will learn how people extract gold informally and the problem this creates to the environment. There are lots of abandoned mines that used to extract gold in artisanal ways.

Duration: This tour takes 3 hours


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Lima Street #168, Nazca, Ica, Peru

Phone: +51 056 522497


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