Sandboarding in Usaka - Nazca

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Price per night: 60,00 $ 50,00 $

The Cahuachi Ceremonial Center was used by the ancient inhabitants as a religious and political center. In this area you can find impressive pyramids, being the largest one the “Great Pyramid”, an also the scaled Temple. The Cahuachi Ceremonial Center is located in the Nazca river valley, 28 kilometers from the city.

The ocongalla aqueducts are a system of underground canals that carried water from one place to another, proving that ancient Nazcans had knowledge of hydraulic engineering.

In the dunes of usaka you will be able to practice sandboarding, going through the dunes feeling the adrenaline.

Duration: This tour takes 4 hours


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Lima Street #168, Nazca, Ica, Peru

Phone: +51 056 522497


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