Metallic Tower and Maria Reiche Museum

Category: Nazca Lines Tours
Price per night: 50,00 $ 40,00 $

In the tour The Nazca Lines from the Metallic tower, you will climb to a 35 meters tower from where you will observe 2 figures: The tree and the Hands, you will observe their perfect drawings and the depth of the Lines.

The Maria Reiche museumis located at the former house of Maria Reiche, in this museum you will find blueprints and maps that were drawed by Maria Reiche herself about the location of the Nazca Lines, you will also learn about the Astronomical Calendar theory.

Duration: This tour takes 3 hours


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  • Professional guide
  • Entrance fees
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Lima Street #168, Nazca, Ica, Peru

Phone: +51 056 522497


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